Solutions for sustainability

Our solution enables you to create the basis for the circularity of your hardware components and it allows you to reach your sustainability goals and reduce your dependence on the supply of raw resources.


ProofX for reduce

ProofX is a platform to understand demands more accurately and enables you to reduce delivery to point of sales where overstocking exists.


ProofX for reuse

We hand to you the needed data to enable reuse throughout unlimited cycles. ProofX serves as a data basis of conformities and traceability to enable reuse along with unlimited cycles.


ProofX for recycling

ProofX enables real material grade recycling based on process integrity, conformities, and traceability throughout the circular loops.


ProofX for business aspects

Besides the immediate need for sustainable business models, we believe that sustainability does create real business value by unlocking the potential of standardized data availability and creditability.


ProofX for visualization

We create visualized and standardized data and KPIs to track and share your sustainability efforts.

What is your verficiation strategy?

As a leading provider of traceability and product authenticity technology through blockchain, we ensure unparalleled traceability for consumers and businesses in a world of ever more complex supply chains.

How can we help you to protect your brand?

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