About Proof-X

Our mission is simple: to build the world's leading product verification platform.

New challenges call for new alliances: ProofX is a joint venture of Inacta, Modum and BrandofMind. Bundling deep hands-on technology experience with in-depth knowledge of the fashion and luxury industry, we strife to build an outstanding verification platform using blockchain technology:

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About Inacta

Inacta is a leading consulting and product development company based in Zug at the heart of the "Crypto Valley".

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About Modum

Modum is a provider of innovative blockchain-based tracking solutions for the supply chain.

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About BrandOfMind

BrandofMind is an international fashion and luxury consulting firm operating in Zurich and Milan.

What is your counterfeit strategy?

As a leading provider of traceability and product authenticity technology through blockchain, we ensure unparalleled traceability for consumers and businesses in a world of ever more complex supply chains.

How can we help you to protect your brand?

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