How it works:

Connect, secure, monitor:

Our goal is to provide you with an end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates into your existing production processes:


Through the application of tamper-proof tags, your product authenticity is guaranteed from the first step of production.


ProofX gives you complete control over the registration and inventory of products.


Our ProofX backend provides you with a comprehensive overview of your products throughout the supply chain.

What are the benefits of using ProofX?

Traceability, sustainability and transparency


Today, most brands do not share any information with consumers about their supply chain's origin and related environmental impacts. ProofX ensures end-to-end traceability throughout all steps of the supply chain.


Secure, reliable, and comprehensive proof of the origin of a product stimulates the circular economy. In addition, ProofX fills a trust gap in circular trade, enabling consumers to examine and verify the origin of their products, thereby restoring trust and willingness to buy.


With younger generations calling for a disruptive approach to consumption and ethical issues, we enable fashion brands to effortlessly prove the origin of their source materials, producers, and the environmental impacts of their supply chain.

About Proof-X

Our mission is simple: to build the world's leading product verification platform.

New challenges call for new alliances: ProofX is a joint venture of Inacta and BrandofMind. Bundling deep hands-on technology experience with in-depth knowledge of the fashion and luxury industry, we strive to build an outstanding verification platform using blockchain technology.

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About Inacta

Inacta is a leading consulting and product development company based in Zug at the heart of the "Crypto Valley".

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About BrandOfMind

BrandofMind is an international fashion and luxury consulting firm operating in Zurich and Milan.

What is your counterfeit strategy?

As a leading provider of traceability and product authenticity technology through blockchain, we ensure unparalleled traceability for consumers and businesses in a world of ever more complex supply chains.

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