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Solution for a resilient, compliant, customer-centric, and secure supply chain. ProofX reduces your regulatory risk along the E2E supply chain, enables you to strengthen your supply chain resilience, and addresses the strain that patient-specific treatments cause on the supply chain adaptivity.


ProofX for resilience

Resilience – starts from knowledge across the E2E supply chain – and the adaptability to react to problems – create a decentralized localized supply chain as if it is focused on centralized globalized Scale-Up. Today’s life science supply chain is perfectly aligned. In the future, you will need more adaptability and a network of local manufacturers. We establish the connecting data-based conformity network for you.


ProofX for brand protection

ProofX establishes a digital identity and verifiable credentials based on the authentication attributes of the serialized UDI.


ProofX for release by exception

With our conformity beacons, we enable a release by exceptional and real-time QA processes across system borders, as if it would be handled E2E in-house.


ProofX for adaptive manufacturing

Adaptive manufacturing – patient-centric, individualized treatments, patient-specific product supply management, batch size one creates the demand of an adaptive supply chain and manufacturing. To be efficient you need to be able to handle it as if you would manage a big batch production. We create the data, visualization, and tools for your QMs and Supply Managers.


ProofX for tracking

By creating a secure supply chain we enable brand protection, which results in widening customers’ trust in the physical product at the point of sales and in the label itself to trust the full product and its production. We enable brand protection by facilitating a compliant and secured supply chain to move from physical trust at the point of sales to full product trust. By creating a secure supply chain we enable brand protection, to move from physical trust in the point of sales and the label to full trust in the product.


ProofX follows GAMP5 for computer system validation

We follow the risk-based approach of the industry-standard GAMP5 to fulfill the requirements of ISO 13485 and 21 CFR part 11 and 820.

What is your verficiation strategy?

As a leading provider of traceability and product authenticity technology through blockchain, we ensure unparalleled traceability for consumers and businesses in a world of ever more complex supply chains.

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