Traceability is Important

The management of supply chains is becoming increasingly complex, and demand keeps growing exponentially across a wide range of stakeholders, all over the world. The time has come to ensure traceability for both consumers and businesses alike. But how?

We provide a sustainable solution for all parties. And for that, we rely on the principles of compliance, truthfulness, and adaptability.

Here are a few reasons why we’ve reached a crossroads when it comes to traceability:

Regulations are becoming ever more challenging.

Consumers show deep interest in where their products come from.

Product Safety is unavoidable. Traceability helps verify it.

CSR is no longer just a nice-to-have. It’s a must.

„Traceability is important. It is crucial. And it won’t be up for discussion much longer.“

It’s all about transparency and reliability. Traceability builds trust.

but Difficult to Implement

If product traceability is so important, how come we’re just getting started with it? Achieving full traceability is a demanding undertaking. Not only is it a lot of hard work, but it also requires patience and extensive funding.

As an entire ecosystem needs to change, it can’t be done without time or money, and it requires all stakeholders to play along.

  • All supplied materials must be validated and approved.
  • Packaging, labelling, and production must be in line with standards.
  • Global distribution needs to be reorganised.

For many companies, this can be discouraging, as they find themselves wondering “where shall we start?”

But most importantly, companies want to know when they’ll see a return on their investments in traceability. “If so much groundwork is needed, how can we be sure we’ll see an added value from it?”

Sure, providing consumers with verifiable, traceable products is great, but will it be incentive enough to convince businesses that now is the time to rethink traceability?

Now is the Time

Our approach, start today

As stated, it is never too early to start. Using your current assets, you can set the standard for your own future, and improve it as you go. Don’t wait any longer and get started now.

As many businesses wonder “Is it worth it?”, we firmly believe that now is the right time to start.

Our perspective on the matter is crystal clear: start with the data you have, build on it, and improve your process later.

One might say it is actually a straightforward, fast route to get there:

  • Looking at your assets, develop a unique fingerprint for your products.
  • Get your label approved and validated by chosen certification bodies.
  • Have your consumers take part in the process and verify your products.
  • Consider it a work in progress. Once you get started with the assets you already have, you will be able to add more to them and improve your processes as you go along.

High Level Ecosystem

For traceability to fully work, we need an ecosystem that allows for it. In this ecosystem, the producer, certifier and consumer all have their parts to play. By implementing a common core platform, we can simplify the process and make it worthwhile.

Once again, clear and simple: there are 3 things we need for the core platform, and they are

  • Immutable ledger (blockchain technology)
  • Make it available for the public
  • Make it a place where product can easily be verified

Of course, this all comes with its perks!

Designed to be a high-level, interactive ecosystem, our core platform is where the standards are set.

  • Your brand is safe: Using the blockchain will help protect your brand.
  • Tick the box: The platform will make it easy for consumers to verify and check the authenticity of their goods.
  • User friendly: The platform is easy to implement and maintain. What’s more, it’s transparent, and all parties can audit it.
  • No unnecessary changes: Using the platform doesn’t mean you’ll need to change anything. Your production process and packaging stays exactly the same.
We’re all set!

Roadmap and Key Milestones

Q4 2019
At the end of last year (Q4 2019), we kicked off our project by gathering our first partners around a table. After modum and inacta helped lay the foundations, our platform and co-innovation partners joined. We are ready.
Q1 2020
In Q1 of 2020, we’ll head up to Davos during the WEF, where our work will be presented at the CV Summit on January 23.
Q2/Q3 2020
Mid-2020 is when we intend to start with the onboarding of consumers. In Q2 and Q3 of 2020, we will launch pilots of the Platform and App along with our co-innovation partners. Our goal is to have the pilots ready for testing by then, so we can still make a few last-minute tweaks if needed.
Q4 2020
Q4 2020 — The Launch. This is when it all happens and we go to market. At this stage, we will prep’ the Platform for its official production launch across all segments of the industry.

From then onwards, we are positive our core platform will deliver on its promise and help prevent fraud, thus restoring the dwindling trust in products and brands.


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